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National Assosiation of Dairy of Ukraine


National Assosiation of Dairy of Ukraine




Since its establishment in 1995, “Ukrmolprom” istheleadingassociationoftheUkrainianmilkprocessing industry, representing 188 dairy producers with total production capacities of 4.6m ton of milk per annum. The primary mandate of our organizationis to inform ourmembers ofthesituationinthedairyindustry, support the establishment of economicallybeneficialconditionsforproducersofmilkanddairyproducts, promote efficiency of production, improvement of quality of raw materials and ready-made dairy products and promote exports and competitiveness of Ukrainian dairy sector in the global marketplace.

To this end, “Ukrmolprom” maintains a strong network of contacts with appropriate regulatory and policy-making government agencies including relevant committees of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine, Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine, other ministries, scientific and public organizations. “Ukrmolprom” is an active contributor to the national scientific and regulatory debate in the area of consumption of dairy products, its role in the nutrition and health of Ukraine. Our particular area of interest and contribution is the process of harmonization of Ukrainianlegislationwith the EU standards. “Ukrmolprom” is proud of its contribution regarding EU harmonization of the “Law on Milk”, “Law on the quality and safety of the food products”, “The Tax Code” and a number of other regulatory legislation.

The principal functions of “Ukrmolprom” in terms of industry advocacy and representation are as follows:

-          preparation of the legislative base;

-          comprehensiveanalysisofthestate of play in the milkanddairy production industry;

-          consultingservices on issues relating to the economy, processing technologies and technical equipment and safety;

-          studiesofmarket conditions on the domestic and foreign markets;

-          facilitation of marketing of raw materials and ready-made products;

-          developmentoftheregulatory andtechnicaldocumentation;

holdingseminars, meetings, organizationofexhibitions, tasting products, etc.